Saturday, January 21, 2012

Background Pictures

Desktop Background Pictures of you a lot about yourself
According to the Roman Netherlands

I am a person who likes to go to my computer desktop background image on a regular basis, but I do not know until a few weeks ago, it makes it really, you know that your own interests, and your life .

I can 20 Desktop background images are stored on my PC, and the fact that I often picture myself today to a district called locust point, Baltimore, Maryland is.

Locust Point is my family, where the descent, and recently I had the opportunity to travel to Baltimore to visit.

For this, my desktop background picture Bass Hall, the Opera House in Fort Worth, Texas, I go twice a year during the opera festival every spring: The image of the decorations on the facade of the building, which is angel blowing a horn.

A different background images on my desktop it works by Salvador Dali called "persistence of memory:" I have the background for a long time, especially since it's my personal favorite artist of all time, and one that is published in the On the basis of a standard.

Background Pictures
Background Pictures
Background Pictures
I have photos of your background in Texas Stadium, where they play the Dallas Cowboys, and the Camden area, the Baltimore orioles, baseball park. First, I stand behind a statue of Tom Landry, a good long time coach of the Cowboys: The second photo, I was next to a statue of Babe Ruth, who was indeed born in Baltimore is.

A different background image that we have a great Greco-Roman wrestler Alexander Karelin, throw an opponent in Japan: As a former athlete myself, I have a lot always admired Karelin, and when I saw that it was an excellent only for my desktop, I decided to put it into rotation.

A few months ago I happened to sit down and will not appear on my desktop background images, and began to see how they all told me about my everyday life. There before me, one after the other questions are designed more for me my whole life, whether unconsciously or not, I think I was putting the rest of the world to the project.

I feel that something is wrong with that, it would be, but I am surprised why it was chosen, that many elements, such as that when I see other people not the Desktop background images in any way, or what it means that very few of them, if anything.

I think it's just a matter of personal choice, but Desktop background of the pictures I use seems to be a manifestation of my life, and we have good care that the only fact I tried to use " A few weeks into the landscape as a background image. but I eventually just because it does not feel right.

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