Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lea Michele Tattoos

Lea Michele wants to get more tattoos.
The 'Glee' star already has 10 inkings on her body which all have special meanings to her.
And the actress thinks she will get more body art as she experiences more significant moments in her life.
She said: "I've got 10 little ones now! I have 'I believe' on my wrist, which I was inspired to do after I was in the Broadway show 'Spring Awakening'. I have some musical notes on my back from Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and I talked Jenna (Ushkowitz) and Kevin (McHale) into getting 'imagine' on our left feet. My mom and I also have matching butterflies on our backs. I don't think I'm stopping at 10 though!"
Just as Lea showed how much Queen - fronted by Freddie Mercury -mean to her by getting a tattoo of their lyrics she also says her favorite 'Glee' performance was a cover of the band's track 'Somebody To Love' which she sang with her co-star Cory Monteith.
She said: "It's really hard to pick a favorite song to sing, but I think it has to be 'Somebody To Love' by Queen I sang this with Cory and the rest of the cast and I was in 'Glee' heaven."

Taylor Swift - Taylor's Heart Tattoo

Taylor's Heart Tattoo isn't actually real. It was initially done in Henna. Swift had originally stated that she would get a tattoo of a heart on her foot if she sold 2 million records, that mark has come and gone, she said she has changed her mind because she does not feel she would be a good roll model to the younger people that look up to her, She says she'd be living her life this way whether she was doing country music or not, but she feels its important to be a good role model... Taylor had several fake star tattoos on her upper chest and the inside of her wrist for a promo photo shot as well.

Taylor Swift New Tattoo?

When Taylor Swift arrived at our studio to co-host the Countdown, we noticed some writing on her left arm. Midway through the show, Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton asked if she had a new tattoo: “I don’t get tattoos. I just write on my arm. I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t think I can commit to one thing to have on me forever. But I write different lyrics on my arm every night. Now the fans have started doing it too. My mom used to always yell at me because I’d write lyrics all over myself. Now I still do it with Sharpie up and down my arm. Today I have ‘Remember me in ribbons and curls, love your baby girl.’” From the first Sugarland single, “Baby Girl.”

The other thing we noticed on Taylor’s Twitter page: “Just played the last night of CMA Music Fest (um,you guys were amazing!!). Then I went home and baked until 2:41 AM.” So Lon asked Taylor about that Tweet: “I just wanted to bake cookies. I go to baking blogs and read up on all these cookie recipes, and I baked these new ones called White Chocolate Chip Salted Oatmeal cookies, and they’re real good. I like to cook home cooked meals for all my friends. The other day I did a great barbecue chicken. The other night I did an awesome Italian pasta thing. I like to improvise because that’s what my mom did. I love cooking!”

Swift, once again, dawned lyrical body art during her performance at CMA Music Festival Sunday (June 12). The 'Mean' singer paid tribute to fellow country superstars Sugarland during country music's biggest party with the line, "Remember me in ribbons and curls, love your baby girl," from the duo's debut single, 'Baby Girl.'

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tattoo Designs Hearts

Tattoo Designs Hearts
Heart tattoos – wear your heart on your sleeve.Okay, so that sounded lame, but heart related tattoos have been popular since the beginning. Why? Because we want our tattoo to be something special and what is more special than something that represents your heart, your innermost you?

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Tree of Life Tattoo Designs For Women

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs For Women
many Tree of Life tattoo designs are in the shape of a circle or oval. The trunk of the tree is in the center of the design, while the branches bow downward and the roots curl upward to form the overall shape. Because there are so many Tree of Life images and stories worldwide, there really is no wrong way to do a Tree of Life design. Branches, trunk, roots. Everything else is up to the artist.

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